Volunteers are at the heart of Sheffield Carers Centre. Join our team of volunteers and help us reach out to and support over 12,000 unpaid carers across the city.
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Volunteer Roles: 

Advice Line Support

Our ‘Advice Line Support’ role involves volunteers making telephone calls to carers who have been referred to the Carers Centre and who are on a waiting list for support.  Volunteers give information about the support that can be provided by Sheffield Carers Centre and find out about any further support needs they may have. 

Volunteering commitment: 2-3 hours, once a week

Advice Line Support Volunteer Role Description

Community Connect telephone befriending service

*Please note: we are not currently recruiting for the Community Connect role.*

Our ‘Community Connect’ service aims to reduce social isolation and re-connect carers with their community. Volunteers will play a crucial role by making contact with carers on a weekly or fortnightly basis in order to provide befriending, information and support.

Volunteering commitment: 2-3 hours, once a week/fortnight

Community Connect Role Description

Carers Cafe

Our monthly ‘Carers Café’ provides an opportunity for carers to meet in a relaxed café environment.  Volunteers help to make carers feel welcome by sitting with them for a chat, and also help out in the kitchen serving hot drinks and refreshments. 

Volunteering commitment: 2 hours, second Friday of every month

Carers Cafe Volunteer Role Description

Hospital Liaison

*Please note: we are not currently recruiting for the Hospital Liaison role.*

Our ‘Hospital Liaison’ work involves volunteers engaging with carers at hospital outpatient clinics, to reach carers as early as possible in their caring role, making them aware of our services and providing them with information on how to contact us for more support.  

Volunteering commitment: 3 hours, once a week

Join our team of volunteers

By volunteering some of your time to work with us, your unique skills and experiences can help support carers in Sheffield. As a small organisation, receiving input from volunteers benefits us enormously and a little of your time goes a long way to help us support carers.

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Christine who volunteers on our TLC service said:

‘I enjoy my volunteer role calling carers who are isolated by caring.  I find it very rewarding to support carers by listening and giving them a chance to offload and have a chat.  For carers their whole lives become focused on the person they care for and my calls give them a rare chance to talk about themselves.’ 

Ellen who volunteers at the Carers Café said:

“I first started volunteering because of being a carer myself for my Mum who had dementia. I feel my experience of caring means I understand carers and the things that are difficult.  I find volunteering very rewarding when I see how much people appreciate the time I spend talking to them.  Taking the time to listen to carers and just have a chat really makes a difference.”