Information for Professionals (Health & social care & education)

If you are a professional working in health or social care or education, there are many ways in which you can support carers. Think carer. Many carers do not think of what they do as being a carer – they see their role simply as looking after a loved-one. There are around 60,000 carers in Sheffield, many of whom are ‘hidden’ and do not know that support is available for them. You can help by being proactive in identifying carers.

Here are some ways you can help:

1: Make sure that carers know about Sheffield Carers Centre, signpost them to our services and encourage them to use this link and register with us. When a carer registers we send them a welcome pack with information about our services and they receive a monthly E-newsletter with useful updates for carers.

2: If you are concerned about the carer and they need our services, you can make a referral by downloading our Sheffield Carers Centre Referral Form. We will then complete a Carers Needs Assessment, which aims to put in place support to continue the caring role and improve the wellbeing of the carer.

3: Be ‘carer aware’ and treat carers as partners in care by listening to their views and involving them appropriately.