We have a Facebook and a Twitter page in which we publicise activities, news and offers from the Carer Card.

Some people have also found it useful to tap into support from other carers is through Facebook, partly because many people are already on Facebook and using it regularly, and partly because it can be done from home/on the bus/wherever and enables people to have contact with other carers at any time.

The Carers Centre has a ‘secret’ Facebook groups, which you are all very welcome to be a part of, in order to share thoughts/support/advice about caring.  The group will only be available to people who are confirmed as carers by the Carers Centre, – so it can’t be accessed or seen by anyone who isn’t connected through us.

The group won’t be visible to your friends, and posts aren’t public, so it is completely discreet and you can safely post anything on there.  You can choose to become friends with other people in the group, or arrange to meet each other, but there is no pressure to do that. You can be in the group and never post, but simply hear about things which are happening, or see bits of advice.  From time to time, we will post things in there too so that you’re aware of events/advice/anything we think might be of interest.

If you would like to join the Facebook group, please contact Rosie on 0114 278 8942, or friend the userJulia Carerson Facebook.