Goodbye to Janet Grahame

The Carers Centre was greatly saddened in June to learn that Janet Grahame, one of our long-standing trustees, had died.

Janet had been involved in our work since the first meeting held in Sheffield to discuss the possibility of setting up a Carers Centre in 1993.  Janet had been a carer for her mother, and before retirement had set up and managed the South West Area Sitting Service (for carers of older people).  She was very committed to the voluntary sector, and involved in the work of Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living, and the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.  She had been a Board member of Voluntary Action Sheffield and on the Executive Committee of the Friends of the Botanical Gardens.

Carers Toolbox Courses

Have you experienced feelings of exhaustion, depression, frustration or anxiety as a carer?  Would you value a little time to focus on yourself, and talk with others in a similar situation?

The Carers Toolbox course is a 5 week programme run by Sheffield Mind and Body Project.  It is focussed on how you are, and aims to build strength and resilience for you as you continue to be a carer.

Survey for Male Carers

Are you a man caring for someone who wouldn’t be able to manage without your support, perhaps because they are ill, frail, eldery or disabled. We would really like to know what services and facilities you would like Carers in Sheffield to provide.

The survey has been posted out with every copy of the June edition of the Carers in Sheffield newsletter. If you would prefer to complete the survey electronically, you can do so by clicking here.

New discount club launched for carers

The national organisation, Carers Trust have launched a scheme called CarerSmart.  This is a free ‘club’ which carers can join entitling them to exclusive offers, benefits and discounts.  Some of the brands which it is possible to save money on include Boots, Costa Coffee, Asda, Odeon cinema, B&Q…  Carers Trust hope that is will enable carers and their families to save a huge amount each year which could take some of the pressure off rising costs of living.

Are you in your 20s or 30s?

Would you like to meet other people who are a similar age, and also caring for a friend or member of their family?

Carers in Sheffield has arranged a time for any carers who are 18-40 to meet up and get to know other people who are in a similar position.  We hold these every so often, and the next meeting is on Monday 9th February at 12pm.  Please contact us – on 0114 272 8362 – to let us know you’re coming, and for further details.  We normally meet in a coffee shop, where a bit of space is cornered off so that people feel easier in talking about how they are.

Carers Toolbox Course

Carers Toolbox Course

Have you experienced feelings of exhaustion, depression, frustration or anxiety as a carer?

Just want a little time & focus for yourself? Or would like to exchange support with others in a similar situation?

This programme will provide support and information to help, through exploring ways to increase personal wellbeing & health and achieving a balanced lifestyle. The course includes understanding emotional wellbeing, taking positive steps to look after & plan for yourself, budgeting & managing energy costs, managing stress and increasing self esteem.