Carers Centre celebrates 20th Birthday!

On Friday 21 November, the Carers Centre marked its 20th birthday at a Showcase event held at Sheffield Town Hall.

Carers came along to meet Centre trustees, staff and volunteers to enjoy an afternoon of celebration. Carers spoke movingly about the difference their involvement with the Centre made to their lives, and a volunteer and a trustee told us about why they had become involved and what they had got out of it.

Sheffield Carers Centre: 20th Birthday Showcase and AGM

On Friday 21 November the Carers Centre will be showcasing the work we do with carers – and have done over the last 20 years. We’re delighted that the Lord Mayor will host the afternoon event at the Town Hall from 2-4 pm. We hope to hear from carers, volunteers, trustees and others about how the Carers Centre has helped them cope with their caring role or why they are involved in supporting the work we do. We’ll have displays of our work and an opportunity to chat over tea as well as talks about different aspects of our work. If you would like to come along and hear more about the Carers Centre, please let us know by contacting Steph on 0114 278 8942 or email

New Course for Carers – ‘Carers Toolbox’

Carers Toolbox Course

Have you experienced feelings of exhaustion, depression, frustration or anxiety as a carer?

Just want a little time & focus for yourself? Or would like to exchange support with others in a similar situation?

This programme will provide support and information to help, through exploring ways to increase personal wellbeing & health and achieving a balanced lifestyle. The course includes understanding emotional wellbeing, taking positive steps to look after & plan for yourself, budgeting & managing energy costs, managing stress and increasing self esteem.

Fair Start: Giving Young Carers the chance to suceed in school

The national carers organisation, Carers Trust, has launched a campaign called ‘Fair Start’ which aims to get all young carers included in the criteria for Pupil Premium in the hope that this will enable them to achieve their potential.  Carers Trust would like the government to give extra funding to schools so they can support young carers to have the same life chances as everyone else.  They hope that this can be achieved through carers being given Pupil Premium because it will enable the school to more easily identify carers and therefore offer support.

Flu jabs for carers

It is govenment policy that a flu jab is offered to anyone receiving Carers Allowance or who is the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare might be put at risk if the carer falls ill. The decision to offer the jab will be made by your GP, depending on your particular circumstances.

You can read more information about flu jabs for carers here and here.

Carers UK We Care. Don’t you? campaign

Earlier this year Carers UK launched their We Care. Don’t you? campaign following the publication of their Caring and Family Finances Inquiry which showed that, on top of existing financial hardship, carers now face £1 billion cuts to their welfare by 2018.

Carers UK will be sending a letter to the Government and all MPs, which they would like carers and former carers to sign – you can read the letter and add your signature online here.

Are you caring for someone with dementia?

A website has recently been set up with advice and support for people caring for someone with dementia, whether it is a partner, parent, grandparent or friend who has dementia. The website is a place to share tips on how to cope with different scenarios (such as how to cope with challenging behaviour) as well as tips for looking after yourself. The website has been set up with the input of people who are caring for someone with dementia. The website is here:  You can share information about who it is that you care for, to tailor the relevant pages and tips to your situation too.

Extended rights will enable easier flexibility for working carers

Changes to employment law came into force in June 2014 that extend the right to request flexible working to more carers.  The new law states that anyone who has worked with their employer for more than 6 months can request flexible hours, for any reason.  As Helena Herklots, Chief Executive of Carers UK, says, “Some carers have been reluctant to request flexibility at work as they felt they were asking for special treatment. Now that all workers will have this right, we hope that workplace culture will grow even more accepting of staff requesting flexibility for a variety of reasons to balance work with different parts of their lives.”  For more details on this, please visit 

Support by other carers groups

Support from other Carers Groups

Carers in Sheffield runs several support groups across the city – see our Carers Groups  page for more details.

There are many more carers groups held across the city, with some being held at the Carers Centre, for example a group for carers of someone who has had a stroke. For more details on any of these, please visit, and use the keyword search for two keywords: ‘carers’ and the condition, eg, ‘dementia’.