Cares News! is our monthly newsletter emailed to over 6,000 carers and professionals who have registered to receive free copies. It’s a great way to highlight a range of news and activities that are relevant to carers in Sheffield.

We introduced a new format earlier this year which has a short introduction to the topic plus a link to website, or other resource, that provides readers with more detailed information. We’ve been delighted by the reaction and feedback from our audience and now have interactive copies of each month’s newsletter on our website.

Our Communications Officer, Terry Billingham, explains: “The monthly newsletter is one of the ways we keep carers updated on our services and activities, plus highlight information and links to other resources that are available of our website. It’s also a great opportunity for similar organisations to inform carers about projects and other relevant services that support their caring role.”

We normally issue Carers News! in the middle of each month then add a pdf version to our website shortly afterwards. This year, we’ve also made the pdf version interactive, so it’s much easier for visitors to find past copies then use the embedded links for more details about the news items.

Click here to visit the page with copies of all the recent editions >>>