The Carers Centre was greatly saddened in June to learn that Janet Grahame, one of our long-standing trustees, had died.

Janet had been involved in our work since the first meeting held in Sheffield to discuss the possibility of setting up a Carers Centre in 1993.  Janet had been a carer for her mother, and before retirement had set up and managed the South West Area Sitting Service (for carers of older people).  She was very committed to the voluntary sector, and involved in the work of Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living, and the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.  She had been a Board member of Voluntary Action Sheffield and on the Executive Committee of the Friends of the Botanical Gardens.

Always supportive of the work of the Carers Centre, Janet found the time, despite her many commitments, to be Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and to chair the Centre’s Human Resources Committee, interviewing nearly all of our current staff over the years.   We particularly valued her experience, compassion and commitment as Chair of the Time for Me Carers’ Breaks Fund panel.

Janet’s involvement in the Carers Centre was also hands-on, including support for our fundraising activity, creating cards and crafts for us to sell, and volunteering to help us deliver carers’ services such as carers’ breaks.

Despite her own health issues, Janet Grahame was an inspiration to staff and volunteers.  She was always encouraging and supportive with plenty of common sense and a wicked sense of humour. She was a very special lady who will be very much missed.