Would you like to meet other people who are a similar age, and also caring for a friend or member of their family?

Carers in Sheffield has arranged a time for any carers who are 18-40 to meet up and get to know other people who are in a similar position.  We hold these every so often, and the next meeting is on Monday 9th February at 12pm.  Please contact us – on 0114 272 8362 – to let us know you’re coming, and for further details.  We normally meet in a coffee shop, where a bit of space is cornered off so that people feel easier in talking about how they are.

If you like the idea of this, but aren’t free on that date, please call us anyway, so that we can let you know when we arrange another date.  We also arrange meetings like this for any age group – please contact us if you’re interested but fall outside of that age group.

For more information about what to expect, please visit: Younger Adult Carers.