A – Z of Health – ‘I’ for Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, this means you regularly have problems sleeping. You may have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep as long as you want to. This is different from the lack of sleep caused by having to get up regularly to carry out your caring responsibilities, for instance; it is about those times you have every opportunity to sleep but just can’t. However, this can be even more of a problem if both insomnia and night time caring are preventing you from getting the sleep you need.

Sheffield hospitals give unpaid carers valuable discounts

Unpaid carers’ visits to hospitals will be made that bit easier with a 15% discount across Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust-operated retail outlets, coffee shops and canteens.

Since 2018, thousands of people who look after a loved one due to a disability or illness have been able to get discounts from local businesses through Sheffield Carers Centre’s Carer Card. This decision by the NHS Trust to accept the Card in outlets in the Royal Hallamshire, Jessop Wing, Weston Park and Northern General Hospital, is a very welcome addition to the offers available to unpaid carers. Click here for details of the discounts at Sheffield Teaching Hospital sites.

“It’s just basic survival: the financial toll of being a carer”

In The Guardian newspaper on Saturday, an article featured several case studies of carers whose lives are financially impacted by their caring duties. Money worries are an issue for many carers, which can also impact on the physical and emotional strain that caring can place upon the carer.

The article features John, a carer who has received support from Sheffield Carers Centre, who said “I spend half my time worrying about money and the other half battling for basics and being an advocate. ”

Carers Centre’s history in the Winter Garden

From today, the history of Sheffield Carers Centre is on display at the Winter Garden, showcasing the support offered by the charity for unpaid adult carers over the last 25 years. Alongside celebrating this milestone, the display is an opportunity to raise awareness of carers’ services among the general public, including reaching some of the thousands of carers not currently in touch with the Carers Centre.

Local Facebook group raises £1,050 for Carers Centre

Generous members of a local Facebook group have raised over £1,000 for Sheffield Carers Centre through their Christmas fundraising appeal. The group, Pictures of Sheffield Old and New has over 38,000 members who post and admire photographs of the city, its residents and wildlife. The fundraising drive was the initiative of Hedley Bishop, who founded the group, and chooses a different charity for its festive appeal each year.

Merry Christmas!…and some seasonal information

From everyone here at Sheffield Carers Centre we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

If you’re a carer, thank you for your amazing hard work over the last year and we hope that you get to have a bit of fun and a break over Christmas. For all the professionals and members of the public who have worked with us to improve awareness and support for unpaid carers – thank you and enjoy the festivities.