Eating disorders can have a huge impact, not just on the individuals who are experiencing them, but also on their friends and family. Equally friends and family can have a really positive impact on someone’s recovery.

Specialist information and support is available through South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association (SYEDA) .  SYEDA  offers support to friends and family members of people struggling with eating disorders and offer talking therapies and a support group for friends and families. You don’t need to be living with the person you are concerned for to access support.

Although most people who experience an eating disorder need some professional support to get well, friends and family can also play an important role in supporting recovery. SYEDA offers a “treading on eggshells” course, aimed at supporting carers to be as effective as possible in supporting the person they care for.  The course recognises the challenges of doing this and allows carers to explore this within a supportive environment.

You can also find more information on the NHS Choices website:

Carers who would like to talk to someone about caring for a person with an eating disorder can contact the Carers Centre Advice Line, to speak to one of our advisors on our Carer Advice Service on 0114 272 8362

Revised 03 January 2018