In March 2020, we started producing a monthly newsletter called Carers News! This ’email-only’ version replaces both the printed newsletter Connect! and the Carers e-Bulletin that we used to produce before then. The new Carers News! gives carers and professionals up to date information about our services, activities, news and changes in policy that affect carers. Please use the links below to read previous editions of our publications.

Carers News! December 2020

Carers News! November 2020

Carers News! October 2020

Carers News! #4 September 2020

Carers News! #3 Carers Week 2020

Carers News! #2 April 2020

Carers News! #1 March 2020

If you are a carer and would like to receive Carers News! (as well as our Carer Card that gives carers discounts on products and activities plus access to our wide range of services) please register here. If you do not have access to an email address please phone us on 0114 272 8362.

Below you will find PDF copies of our past editions of Carers e-Bulletin.
To read past editions of our previously printed newsletter Connect! click here

Carers e-Bulletin #11 February 2020

Carers e-Bulletin #10 January 2020

Carers e-Bulletin #9 December 2019

Carers e-Bulletin #8 November 2019

[no e-Bulletin in October due to Newsletter]

Carers e-Bulletin #7 September 2019

Carers e-Bulletin #6 August 2019

Carers e-Bulletin #5 July 2019

Carers e-Bulletin #4 June 2019

[no e-Bulletin in May due to Newsletter]

Carers e-Bulletin #3 April 2019

Carers e-Bulletin #2 March 2019

[no e-Bulletin in February due to Newsletter]

Carers e-Bulletin #1 January 2019