… about Sheffield Carers Centre

We welcome comments about the services we manage. Please use the Contact Us page of this website or email office@sheffieldcarers.org.uk    If you have any formal complaints about the service from Sheffield Carers Centre, please use our Comments and Complaints Policy and Procedure

… about other services that impact you as a carer

Sometimes, there are opportunities for carers to contribute to discussions about services that impact on carers. These are organised by Adult Social Care or other health and social care services and voluntary organisations.

Adult and Young Carers Action Plans: The current Adults and Young Carers action plans aim to ensure the six principles of Sheffield’s Young Carer, Parent and Adult Carer Strategy are being put into action, and that the views of adult and young carers in Sheffield are being acted upon. If you are an adult carer (aged 18+) you can get involved in discussions about the plan with other carers and organisations that provide services for carers.

Details of the current Adult and Young Carers Action Plans:
Carers Strategy Action Plan- V5.2 (Excel document)
Young Carers Action Plan April – Sept 2018 (Word document)

… by taking part in surveys or consultations to help develop services

Listed below are some surveys and reviews that you can take part in and provide organisations with valuable feedback on your experiences and ideas. Follow the links for more details and please take part if you can help.

Help Sheffield City Council develop a new model for Home Care
Home Care is a vital service which supports thousands of people across the city. Sheffield City Council are developing plans for a new model of Home Care and want to talk to a range of people to ‘check and challenge’ and help refine their plans. This is a great opportunity for carers to share their experiences.
Please click here or click the image for more details on how to take part.

Share your story in this documentary episode about carers in Sheffield
“Seldom Heard Communities” is a documentary series, in collaboration with Sheffield Community Contact Tracers, about the hardships endured by marginalised groups of society during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their next episode will cover the lives of carers and the people that they work with. We want to hear about Sheffield based carers experiences over the past year. Testimonies can be made anonymous. Please click here for more details including who to contact and discover the different ways you can take part.

Ever been concerned about the driving of someone you care for?
‘Devices for Dignity’ are part of the NHS with a track record of developing innovative devices to aid healthcare. They are looking for carers that would like to give feedback on their plans for a new device that helps analyse how car drivers that are ‘elderly’ or have ‘medical conditions’ use their vehicles.

Please click her for more details on how to be involved at the very start of this project.