Eligible carers being identified and offered a Coronavirus vaccination

We’re delighted the Government has recognised the important role of carers and included them as a specific group in the Coronavirus vaccination roll-out. People who are a main carer for someone at high risk from coronavirus are eligible to receive the vaccination. Full details of the eligibility criteria are on page 11 of the COVID-19 Greenbook chapter 14a (click here).

For now, eligible unpaid carers are being identified in the following ways:

1: If you are registered as an unpaid carer with your GP

2: If you receive or are entitled to Carer’s Allowance

3: If you are known to local authority and receive support after a statutory carers assessment

4: If you are supported by a local organisation such as the Sheffield Carers Centre

Unpaid carers over the age of 18 who are not already known to health and care services are now being asked to contact your GP, who will ask a few questions to determine if you are eligible for a coronavirus vaccination.

The situation is developing as the vaccination roll-out continues to work through the priority groups, so please check this page and our social media posts regularly for the latest information.

We strongly encourage everyone to take up the offer of vaccination

We hope you welcome the above as good news for carers and an important step in the response to a public health emergency. Please use the link below for more information about the vaccination.

For more information and the answers to some FAQs

  • For information about the Coronavirus vaccine on the Sheffield CCG website please (click here)
  • Sheffield City Council also has information on ‘how to get your vaccine’ on their website (click here)
  • Carers Trust has information about ‘which carers are eligible for vaccination’ on their website (click here)
  • Carers UK has a FAQ page (click here) and a letter template to register with a GP if needed (click here)

Working with the City Council and NHS to help the roll-out of vaccinations

At the start of March, we shared information with Sheffield Council about carers that are registered with us, for the purposes of the vaccination programme. This was then passed onto the NHS for the specific purpose of starting the roll-out to carers by enabling the NHS to send them invitations to book an appointment. The only information shared was the name, date of birth and postcode of carers. None of the data sent will be kept by the Council, or used for any other purpose, and the data was protected to the highest degree throughout the whole process. To visit our privacy notice please (click here).

Page updated 7 April 2021