If you are a professional health worker referring a carer to us, please use our Sheffield Carer Centre Referral Form and email it to support@sheffieldcarers.org.uk

If you are a carer:

Please complete the form below for free registration with the Carers Centre and become part of a network of over 12,000 carers across the city. Every carer that registers is sent a ‘Welcome Pack’ by email or post that includes:
* A welcome letter
* An outline of how we can help
* An option to become a member
* A copy of our Privacy Notice
Every carer is also sent a Carer Card with details of offers on a range of activities, products and services.

If you have any queries please email support@sheffieldcarers.org.uk and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
The details you send by completing the form below will be added to Sheffield Carers Centre database.
We will keep your information safe and conditional in line with our
privacy statement.
If you have a problem sending the form please use these instructions to clear your device’s cached memory.
If the problem continues please email office@sheffieldcarers.org.uk and we’ll get back in touch.

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