Carer Card

The Sheffield Carer Card has been developed to reward and recognise all the hard work you do as a carer. This card is for both young and adult carers. The Card offers discounts on a range of activities, products and services. It is the result of the generosity of local and national businesses who want to find a way to support carers and is part of our attempt to mobilise the city to work together to recognise the work carers do, help carers to connect with the services we offer and support a city-wide effort to make Sheffield much more carer-friendly.

Update: Due to closures of businesses caused by Covid-19 some offers that were available may not be the same. We are in the process of updating the Carer Card offers including information about opening hours and discounts. If you have any questions about your Carer Card please email our Business Liaison Worker:

Please click on the categories below for details: 

To download a copy of the Directory please click here:  Directory of offers – Sept 2020  The offers are updated regularly, so please keep checking this page! Businesses continue to come on board with the Carer Card to offer discounts to carers. Here is a taster of the range of products and services available:

If you are a business and would like to support and connect with thousands of carers in Sheffield, contact Stephanie Lowe on 0114 278 8942 or email:

Disclaimer: Sheffield Carers Centre aims to enable carers to access as many opportunities, services and support as possible through the Carer Card scheme. You may choose to engage with one or more of these organisations listed.

It is important to note these organisations are third party suppliers and Sheffield Carers Centre:          

  • is not responsible or liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of services of the listed organisations.
  • is not endorsing the listed organisations’ offers, services or products
  • has not investigated any claims made by the listed organisations in respect of their service or product or offers as these are solely based on information received from the organisations.

All information about the services offered are provided by the individual business and we will endeavour to do our utmost to keep these up to date. If you experience any difficulties in using your Carers Card or have any questions, please get in touch. Call the Business Liaison Worker on 0114 278 8942 or email

Emergency Card

The reverse of the Card is designed to be used in case of an emergency situation. You may worry about what would happen if something unexpectedly stopped you from looking after the person you care for. As an example, if you were involved in an accident or became ill, this card would alert others to the fact that you are an unpaid carer. It provides space for you to fill in details of two emergency contacts, who can support the person you care for.

Then if you are involved in an emergency, the people named on the card can be contacted. They may be a friend, neighbour or relative and please remember to talk to them before you use their name on this card. For more details see our Plan for an Emergency.

How to get your Carer Card

The card is available to carers already registered with Sheffield Carers Centre and as an incentive for people to register for the first time. The card is available to young people who care by contacting Sheffield Young Carers.

If you are already registered with the Carers Centre and would like a Carer Card, please phone 0114 278 8942
or email:

If you are not registered with the Carers Centre please complete the registration form below and we’ll post you a Welcome Pack and Carer Card. Before you register please click here for our Terms and Conditions. 

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