We have a panel of volunteers who are experienced carers that are your voice within the Centre. They help us make decisions, by working with us on new services, information and other processes, and use their own backgrounds to help inform us on how changes and developments impact you as a carer.

They also are your point of contact to make suggestions, feedback about how we’ve performed and let us know what we could do better. If you want to contact them or find out more, please email office@sheffieldcarers.org.uk
We are particularly looking for younger carers to join the panel.

The members of the panel are:

Chris Sterry                                  Dermot Murphy                         Jane Cotterill

Liz Naylor                                     Lorna Warren                             Naghmeh Yavari (Nam)

Noida Darien-Campbell               Noreen Faruga                          Victor Middleton

Updated 6 July 2022