The Care and Support Act 2014 – what’s happening in Sheffield?

The Care Act, which came into force on 1st April 2015, brought in new rules and guidelines for how social care is assessed and delivered across the UK.

It now places a requirement on local authorities to offer a Carers Assessment to all carers who appear to require support.

As a carer, you are entitled to an assessment regardless of your financial situation or the amount or type of care you provide.

You can also have a Carers Assessment whether or not the person you care for is supported by Adult Social Care (or similar services).

Your assessment does not look at how well you offer the care you provide.  It is simply looking at the impact which caring for someone has on you, and whether there is any additional help that may make this slightly easier.

Carers in Sheffield will provide specific information about how the Care Act has been implemented in Sheffield as soon as it is available.

For national information about the Care Act, and what a Carer’s Assessment might look like, Carers UK have some very thorough information on their website.  Please follow this link to download their pdf document of: Assessments and the Care Act ––assessments-and-the-care-act-after-april-2015.pdf, and this link for their Frequently Asked Questions page –

If you would like to ask for a Carer’s Assessment, please contact the Carer Support and Information Line – 0114 272 8362 – for details on how to do this, or contact Adult Social Care Access Team direct on 0114 273 4908 to request one.



Updated 2nd September 2015