Some useful online resources

Sheffield Directory
This is a directory of information about a vast range of services and organisations in Sheffield.  Whether you’re looking for lunch clubs, or day centres, or what support is in place in Sheffield for those with a condition such as bipolar, or MS.

Sheffield Mental Health Guide
This is a guide to all the mental health services in Sheffield, for example the Community Mental Health teams, how to access them and what sort of support can be provided through them.  It also provides information on specific concerns, such as anxiety or bereavement, as well as links to Relaxation videos and tips.

Carers Trust

Carers UK Information pages

Benefits and financial information

Practical support, such as how to find careworkers for at home, or residential and nursing care

Coming out of hospital

Legal issues, such as Power of Attorney

Looking after your own health


Useful apps and online tools

Jointly App
This is an app designed specifically for carers – it enables you to share information with anyone else who is involved in caring for your friend or family member.  You can upload details such as which medication needs to be taken, or the shopping which needs to be picked up, and mark when it has been done.  This can be used for an individual purpose, as a task list which might help keep track of what needs to be done, or shared with other people who could chip in and help.

Thapp has been designed by Carers UK.  For more information on how it works, visit:

This is very similar to Jointly.  However, it has been designed to enable a wide range of people to see the tasks which need to be done.  For example, if a friend says ‘let me know what I can do to help’, they would be able to see what time a hospital appointment was, and be able to offer to assist with that.  It enables a wider community of people to know how they can help and what would be most useful each day for you.

Support from other Carers Groups

Carers in Sheffield runs several support groups across the city – see our Carers Support Groups page for more details.

There are many more carers groups held across the city, with some being held at the Carers Centre, for example a group for carers of someone who has had a stroke. For more details on any of these, please visit, and use the keyword search for two keywords: ‘carers’ and the condition, eg, ‘dementia’.

TimeBank – Carers Together
This is a scheme run by a national organsiation based in Birmingham which enables carers to be put in contact with volunteers, for regular support.

Carers Together offers two different kinds of support:

  • An online mentoring service, available to anyone in England with access to the internet
  • A face-to-face mentoring service for carers in the Birmingham area

As a carer, you would be put in contact with a trained volunteer who you could talk openly with about your caring role, and how that impacts on you. For more information and to register, please visit:

Online forums

You may also find there are forums specifically for carers of individual conditions, or a type of condition – for example, there is a carers’ forum through Macmillan for those who are supporting someone with cancer; and a carers’ forum run by the Alzheimer’s Society.