We’ve been developing and delivering support services to carers in Sheffield for over 25 years. Covid-19 has restricted the availability of some services, so the following list outlines those currently being provided. Please click on the text of the ‘service title’ for more information about each.

Carers Advice Line: for 1:1 personalised expert information, advice and support on anything related to your caring role. One of the Carer Advisors is an Urdu/Punjabi speaker, and we use an interpretation service for other languages.

Carer Card: that gives discounted activities, services and products and space to write two emergency contact numbers.

Group activities and workshops: that meet carers’ support needs and provide opportunities for carers to meet each other.

Community Connect: 1:1 telephone support for carers who are isolated.

Carers Café: for social contact with other carers.

Carers support groups: up to date information about all the groups in Sheffield.

Carers Enews! for regular up to date information. Carers who do not have email receive an annual update letter.

Information and resources: on the website of Sheffield Carers Centre.

Emergency Planning: Information and guidance around making preparations to ensure that the person/s you care for are looked after in an emergency.

Time for a Break grants: Small grants to help you in taking a break. As part of a Carers Assessment we’ll assess if this is something you’re eligible for.

Digital Resource for Carers: providing information, eLearning, resources, and the Jointly app.

Carers Assessment: which discusses with you the impact of providing care and the support that you need.

Page updated 7 June 2022