In an emergency, as a carer you have the additional worry about what will happen to the person you care for. If you are ill or have an accident, would anyone know there was a person in need of care? Who would take over their care and how would they understand their specific needs?  You need to know that should this happen, alternative care arrangements can be put in place quickly and efficiently. The Carers Centre has a service designed to help you with this.

The ‘In Safe Hands’ service is a scheme which will help in just this situation, guiding you to create an emergency plan, with arrangements which can be quickly put in place for the person you care for if, for any unexpected reason, you are unable to provide care yourself.

You can request a guidance booklet and emergency plan form (or download them from the links below). The plan enables you to provide a detailed picture of the person you care for, including both any physical care needs, and their preferences/what is important to them as a person.  There is also space on the plan to include contact details of key people involved in their care, such as their GP or social worker.

Once the plan is completed, contact the Carers Centre to ask for your emergency cards.  The credit card-sized card (designed to be carried in a wallet) provides names and telephone numbers of the people who have agreed to respond in an emergency, ensuring that vital help and support for the cared for person continues to be provided by someone who understands their needs and is aware of the emergency plan.  It also includes the telephone number for Adult Social Care who can be contacted as a back-up in the event of any difficulties getting hold of the emergency contacts.

The Carers Centre can also offer support if you would like some help completing the emergency plan – please contact the Carers Centre on 0114 278 8942 or use the Contact Us page on this website.


For the In Safe Hands Guide – click here

For the In Safe Hands Emergency Plan form – click here


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